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5 Inch Height Gain Review – Grow Taller in 12 Weeks?

5 Inch Height Gain Review


Price: $37

Rating: stars25a

5 inch height gain reviewAre you taller than average? If so, you’re one of the lucky ones. Granted, there are disadvantages to being tall, but not many. Most people would prefer to have more height, and lots of men have noticed that women seem to be drawn to taller men. But if you’re not tall, then what can you do? Height is determined by genes, right?

Jason Alessandrini, the author of 5 Inch Height Gain, begs to differ. He says that if you buy his book, he’ll show you methods of growing anywhere from three to five inches in 12 weeks’ time. That sounds impressive, but how can you do that? I was curious, so I decided to take a closer look and see what his plan is all about. Is 5 Inch Height Gain a scam?

Read on for the full 5 Inch Height Gain review.

Click here to visit the 5 Inch Height Gain Website.

5 Inch Height Gain Overview

5 Inch Height Gain is sold as a downloadable book in PDF format; you can read on a smartphone, tablet, or just about any other computer device. You can also download it immediately after purchase, so you won’t have to wait for delivery.

The 5 Inch Height Gain book does not include any bonuses, but that’s just as well, as bonus book are usually not of much value and are generally offered just to pad the product and give the impression that you’re getting more for your money. Of course, if you’re interested in growing taller and 5 Inch Height Gain can help you do that, then that should be enough, right?

The 5 Inch Height Gain book is a 97 page PDF, and is divided into the following chapters:

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction – What 5InchHeightGain Is About
  • CHAPTER 2: Nutrition – Boost HGH & Other Hormone Levels
  • CHAPTER 3: Macronutrients – Learning To Count Them
  • CHAPTER 4: Sleep – How To Grow While You Sleep
  • CHAPTER 5: Posture – Is Your Posture Making You Shorter?
  • CHAPTER 6: Exercise Plan – What Will Be Required
  • CHAPTER 7: Week 1-3– Introductory Exercises (Spinal Decompression)
  • CHAPTER 8: Week 4-6– Specific Regime (Tendon & Ligament Stimulation)
  • CHAPTER 9: Week 7-9– Advanced Regime 1
  • CHAPTER 10: Week 9-12– Advanced Regime 2
  • CHAPTER 11: Additional Training & Tips
  • CHAPTER 12: Height Gain Scams & How To Avoid Them
  • CHAPTER 13: Learn How To Appear Taller In Minutes

5 inch height gain scamThe 5 Inch Height Gain program is going to attack your problem of insufficient height through a multi-pronged approach. Your height is generally determined by a number of factors, including genetics. It’s true that tall people tend to come from families of tall people. Genes play a role, and so does Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. This is the hormone that helps people grow, and people who produce too much of it tend to be excessively tall.

Other factors can contribute to how you grow, and these factors include how much and how well you sleep, your diet, how and when you exercise, the sorts of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements you consume, and even your posture.

5 Inch Height Gain addresses each of these issues, one at a time, and says that you need to work on all of them in order to see results. For that reason, a good sized portion of the 5 Inch Height Gain book is devoted to each of these. You’ll have a chapter on how much you should sleep and exactly how you should go about it.

You’ll find a chapter in 5 Inch Height Gain that explains how your posture can be making you shorter than you should be, and then you’ll see what you can do to correct that.

There is a section about HGH, and how you can change your diet in a way that will stimulate the body into growing by improving growth in the cartilage in between the discs in your spine. 5 Inch Height Gain also recommends a specific dietary supplement that they say will help boost your growth. Conveniently, the author has provided a link in the book to the Website where you may purchase this supplement.

5 inch height gain bookMost of 5 Inch Height Gain is devoted to exercise, as decompressing your spine and stimulating your tendons and ligaments will, in the authors opinion, provide the most dramatic results. The exercises are relatively simple to do and don’t take a whole lot of time, though several of them will need to be done multiple times per day. It does not appear that you will need any special equipment to perform these exercises aside from a bar from which to hang.

The book is well written and the exercises are explained in a way that will make them easy to do and easy to follow. Each of the exercises includes a photo to show you how it’s done.

An additional section towards the end of the book gives you some tips on how you can appear to be taller than you actually are. These tips are helpful, and there were a few that I hadn’t seen before. The final section of the book warns against height gain scams, such as pills and dietary supplements that promise to promote growth.

On the whole, the 5 Inch Height Gain book is well-written, and the advice on exercise and posture may well help you to become a little bit taller. I’m not so sure that the dietary suggestions will encourage your cartilage to grow, especially if you’re older and your body has more or less finished growing. The section on how to appear taller is useful. Of course, the 5 Inch Height Gain book is sold with a money back guarantee, so if you try it and find that it works for you, then great. This book is quite similar to another book on how to get taller that we recently reviewed, though this one is more affordable.

Pros and Cons of 5 Inch Height Gain


  • Well-written, easy-to-read book
  • Exercises are well described and easy to follow
  • Dietary advice seems to be solid


  • Promotion for a dietary supplement within the book
  • Growing 5 inches in 12 weeks is probably not attainable

5 Inch Height Gain Summary

5 inch height gain- meh5 Inch Height Gain is an interesting book that offers some good dietary advice, some good advice on posture and sleep, and offers some exercises that may indeed help you get a bit taller. The book is well written and the exercises are easy to follow. If you’re not as tall as you’d like to be, you might find the book to be worth your while.

5 Inch Height Gain is rated as so-so.

Rating: stars25a

Click here to visit the 5 Inch Height Gain Website.

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    I want to buy it.But, the link is not working.

  2. Mo says:

    Anyone performed the 5inchheight gain exercise and grown taller please let me know the name and age.



  3. Nkosi says:

    I’m bought the book and now I’m on the 5th week but I still don’t see any difference.

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    I am not able to buy the 5 inch height gain….I am using the Visa debit card but they are saying that i need an international debit card or credit card as my card is not supporting..Please check how can i buy the product

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